Becoming SEAL Fit is What I Needed to Enjoy My Favorite Outdoor Activities Even More

I wanted to be fit. Not just in good shape and at the right weight kind of fit, I wanted to be SEAL fit without having to join the Armed Forces.My hobbies of kayaking, hiking, boating and riding mountain bikes required me to be in good shape. I participated in these outdoor activities in a limited and controlled way that supported my current physical conditioning rather than participating to get in better shape. I needed something that would boost me to the next level and beyond as far as my physical conditioning went.

I needed to lose some fat and pack on some muscle mass at the same time. I needed to improve my stamina. I needed to prove to myself that I could take harsher conditions and still survive too. The only way to get all of that is to get some serious training. What better training is there than SEAL physical training? Being SEAL fit is to be really in the best physical shape of your life. You can see how it lasts for years even after you are not in that intense level of training any longer. Just look at retired seals. The mindset to stay fit and strong stays with them.

Controlling these bodies of ours begins in our minds. We need to take control of the feedback coming from our bodies that wants more pampering, more junk food, more lounging around and put a stop to it. Getting training to be SEAL fit includes the psychological aspect of showing you just how much control you actually can have over your body. There are so many things I want to get done, and I need a strong and physically fit body to do it. The workouts and routines that are not intense enough to boost me to the next level never worked for me. This military-like training is going to be different.

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